Midterm Project (1T AY2016–2017)

During my visit to the Metropolitan Museum at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas last October 14, I was able to see several artworks from many different artists around the museum. There were two exhibitions: on the first floor was Configuring Philippine Print, while the second floor showcased Philippine Contemporary Art.

I. Configuring Philippine Print

  1. “Ang Matanda sa Bintana” by Jess Flores
  • The artist showed an old woman, probably in her 70's, looking out a balcony window. The woman also looked like she was sad. The artist tried to show what problems the woman has and how she has to deal with them.

2. “Tahanan” by Manuel Baldemor

  • In the artwork is a large bahay kubo with several plants and animals around it. Inside the house is an old couple and their children sitting by the front porch. This depicts a typical middle class person who lives with their parents and/or grandparents.

3. “Tindera ng Isda” by Jess Flores

  • The artist shows a young lady selling fish by the side of the road. This shows the hard life of a low-class Filipino.

II. Philippine Contemporary Art

  • In this exhibit, I mainly chose artworks that relate to current Philippine issues since it affects us all.
  1. “Detained Adoration” by Gabriel Barredo
  • Made with a birdcage, rosaries, and small sacramental crosses
  • Inside the birdcage is half a skull, and inside the skull are several rosaries. Above the skull are some crosses and an angel depicting God.
  • The artwork depicts how we are controlled by our own religion through the commandments, the bible, and other religious traditions.

2. “Cavite” by Marciano Galang

  • A canvas that has been slightly burnt, with a few holes and coffee stains on it. Around the holes are old rotten shoes.
  • The rotten shoes depicts how some people are living a very hard (mahirap) life.

3. “Carnivores on Session Road” by Santiago Bose

  • A painting with the background of Session Road, Baguio in the 90's. In the painting are four Igorots carrying Colonel Sanders of KFC and Ronald McDonald. Each Igorot is holding a Nokia phone, wearing an expensive looking watch, and wearing New Balance shoes.
  • The Igorots have already been exposed to our high-class culture, so they are used to wearing and using these expensive items. Adding to that, colonial mentality is also present since Baguio was then an indigenous area.

4. “Wood Things” by Luis Yee Jr.

  • Made of dried banana leaves, dried banana stock, pod of kapok tree which was made to look like large crawling insects.
  • The large group of crawling insects shows how we always stick with our friends and/or family wherever we go.

III. Reflection

  • My overall visit to the Met Museum was a moving experience for me. I was able to see how artworks were able to create an impact on the viewer. By looking at the several artworks, I became more aware of the issues that are currently happening.
  • The Met Museum is very different from the National Museum since the former shows modern art while the latter shows the history of the Philippines.

Pelaez, Ezekiel A.