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I am understanding this deal correctly?

Paul, by opting in to his contract, won’t be eligible for the 200 mil max contract offered by the Rockets until after next season? If this is so, Paul is the real loser here. Players at his age and his stature fall precipitously, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t have a great year or got injured. Of course, Paul is a great player, and it is very possible he is given the 200 mil extension. However, I can’t believe that he would take this risk. There is a reason why guarantees are so important. He is guaranteed nothing. I am just in shock in a player would accept a trade like this, risking 200 million dollars.

Necessary move for the Clippers and Rockets. The Clippers had almost no options here. They didn’t get much, probably nothing, but atleast they tried. I’m not sure if this move will work for the Rockets, but for an entire league chasing the Warriors, it makes sense to really change things up. They don’t want to just “run it back”, as all teams were slaughtered this season.

I can’t believe Paul risked 200 million dollars on being healthy and very good this season.

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