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I think people are missing one of the concerning facts of this trade: By opting into his contract Paul, has decided to miss out on a 204 million dollar extension- something the Clippers direly wanted to give him. While it is said the Rockets want to extent him in the future, a year is a long time. It seems very reasonable to me that a 33 yo 6 foot point guard won’t be a worth a 204 Million dollar extension summer of 2018 (hell people, were making the argument that it was stupid this year.)

So Paul passed up 204 million, to risk it on being a good player this year. Its great seeing players pass up money for basketball reasons. Ive never seen anything like this.

In basketball terms, this will be incredible. D’Antoni will find a work to make it work. Besides, the Rockets need to make a dramatic change to chase the Warriors, and while I don’t know if this will work, it is exciting.

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