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Jovan Robinson

Jovan Robinson :

I definitely understand that they needed Brock away from the team and felt his character was a detriment to team culture (I don’t wanna slam the guy, but I’ll just hold that as true here.)

Why didn’t they cut Brock? A second round pick is a massive piece of capital in the modern NFL with this CBA. They got savings which amount to maybe 12 million after offset- maybe this is alot in money, but they didn’t do anything with it. Was this trade done because Bob Mcnair didn’t have enough billions?

In football players and terms it seems like:

With Trade: Texans get Deshaun, no Brock, and lose 2nd round pick,

Without Trade: Texans get Deshaun, cut Brock, keep 2nd round pick

As you sort of mentioned, the only way this makes sense is they thought they could get Romo. So was this entire thing a Romo misevaluation? Shouldn’t it be talked about more?

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