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Mitchell over Jackson, Fox and Isaac is laughable after a week of summer league. Very amateur

The draft would go almost exactly the same. Josh Jackson has been on the NBA radar since he was 15. That is 5 years. And we are saying that 1 week completely changes our opinion of him? Very foolish. Something a fan should do. Not something a writer should do.

The draft would basically be the same. Sure, everything changes a little, just based off more data.Of course, there is always variance

My draft:

  1. Markelle Fultz
  2. Lonzo Ball
  3. Jayson Tatum
  4. Josh Jackson
  5. De’aaronFox
  6. Jonathan Issac
  7. Dennis Smith Jr.

Considering how close prospects 3–7 are, sure, you could see a lot of change between them. Even a draft the next day, you would see changes. However, it feels like they have been the clear-cut top 7 since December. Smith went 9 in the draft, but crazy shit happens.

8. Malik Monk

9. Frank Ntikinla (don’t know much about him either way)

10. Donovan Mitchell.

Biggest point- summer league is a very small data point.

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