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Mr. Lindenburgh,

This article is awful, and uses made-up stats, and I am appalled that the Ringer even puts forwards such garbage.

The tried and true methodology that saves are meaningless, while stale at this point, is none the less correct. The reasoning is this article is absurd. Flatly. You basically said “because Zach Britton has 36 saves, and Clayton Kershaw has 0, Zach Britton is the most valuable player.”

These WPA and cWPA stats are completely meaningless- and because they appear to have objective names they seem like they equitable wins statistics, but it should be called “closers who come in relief and face pressure filled situations.” 3 of the top 6 places on your list are closers. So 3 of the top 6 most valuable players in the league are closers? Even more, it seems by your use of statistics closers would win nearly every year! This can’t be right!

In no rational understanding of the term “valuable” would you consider the most valuable player to be Zach Britton. Unless, you make up statistics like this article, like the most valuable player is one who pitches in the 9th inning for the orioles… what do you know its Zach Britton.

Zach Britton has a “greater positive influence on his team’s probability of winning a World Series.”- This can’t possible be right.

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