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Mr. Mays,

I think you need to cool down on Mockdraftables. Athletic performance numbers are cool, but the numbers at the NFL combine aren’t everything- obviously known from experience like Vonteze Burfict- but they also contradict each other.

For example, Derek Barnett scored in the 88th percentile in 3 cone shuttle. He scored 43 in the 2o yard shuttle. 88th percentile is great, and 43% percentile is pretty average. However, these mean both generally the same things- both drills address agility, quickness, change of direction, motion in tight spaces. Isn’t it strange that an athlete dominated one event, then struggled in the same event (from an athletic NFL perspective they are the same and offer the same traits).

Also, if there is one comment not mentioned enough about the combine: Malik Hooker’s hands 10.75 Inches. This is the largest ever for a defensive back. Odell Beckham hands are 10 inches. It is not stretch to imagine that with baseball glove hands, a true genetic anomaly, the 10–20 PDs knocked down by safeties could here result in a few interceptions- game changers (which he proved at OSU).

Malik Hooker wins DPOY. Christian McAfffrey wins OROY.

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