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Seems to me like O’Connor gets bodied in this argument. This is strange because O’Connor usually has my favorite NBA opinions on the ringer

. As mentioned, he brings little to the table other than 1–on-1 scoring ability- he sort of seems like a poor man’s Jabari Parker. Parker still has upside, and may a good NBA player, but he is a better version of the things Tatum does well, and even besides freak injuries, it would be hard to argue that his first three seasons in the league have been tremondously positive. O’Connor is always emphasizing positional versality, defense, and deep shooting and these are all tasks that Tatum is not great at. As mentioned, O’Connor’s analysis of Tatum seems very similar to Okafor- footwork, shot-making, one on one ability. (even if we compare him to guy like Danny Granger, I’m not sure he fits in the modern NBA)

After reading this, I too would have him 8th after Fultz, Ball, Jackson, Issac, Fox, Smith and Monk. (I also don’t understand the love for French Frank. and as mentioned by Mark Titus, this seems like a great example of overhyping a foreign guy. This guy never worked out a single time in the United States. His passing stats are poor. His scoring stats aren’t good. Even his advanced D stats aren’t great, guys like Paul would get many more steals-a good evaluator if not exact for 1-on1 D- (and I don’t think the D of a PG is a huge consideration, I mean it’s hard to name a single PG who is known as a defender)Seems like the only positive of Frank is his size and youth. Which is much. Draft Express has him falling. I mean a foreign guy not having a workout in the US? This is crazy)

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