Often times, we as fans forget that most of these athletes, especially the premier guys/gals, are…
MC Gusto

These guys are super rich. To be honest, I applaud this move for basketball competition. I’m just really shocked. Many of these guys go to the nets over the warriors because the nets offer 55 million while warriors offered 50.

Here we have a case where Chris Paul affirmatively turns down 200 million dollars. Everyone is talking about the super max, the all-nba and all-star elegiblity contracts.. etc…and so does this stuff not even matter? Apparently, to Chris Paul it doesn’t matter.

I think its great. Its just surprising to see a dude turn down 200 million. Honestly, and its a complete risk to think it will be there next summer. He is a year older, things happen- we already hearing how dumb it was this year. now imagine next year

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