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Mr. Lombardi,

Mr Lombardi is never wrong. I wonder why he doesn’t run an NFL team. He knew guys like Heath Shuler, Jamarcus Russell, and Johnny Manziel were busts. He knew Kirk Cousins and Drew Brees were future stars.

Perhaps he should be a NFL gm? Where was this perfect analysis of talent when he drafted Barkevious Mingo in the top 10?

When I first heard Mike Lombardi, with far-reaching analogies “defensive back group should be built like a basketball team” or “lufthansa heist”, I thought he fantastic, and wondered why he wasn’t a GM. Now he speaks about how Jimmy Garropollo is franchise QB based on his obersvations from practice who shouldn’t be traded for the #1 pick. This sounds fantastic- that someone can know this much from practice. Yet it can’t be right. There is a chance Garropollo is good, but there is a chance he is bad. You aren’t able to tell whether a player is going to be a great NFL player based on practice. Anyone else remember when this guy thought Brian Hoyer was the future of the Cleveland Browns as an excellent QB (also a pats backup).

I am realizing that he is just super confident, and to be super confident in the NFL- while it looks initially amazing and definitely impressed me- is one of the silliest stances you can have. Simply, you have many misses than successes in the NFL.

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