1. Do you think that Portia’s father’s test seems like a good one? Why or why not?
a. What have your parents done that was “for your own good”? What was the end result of their actions? 
b. Was it indeed “for your own good”?

1) Portia’s Father decided that the person who wanted to marry Portia had to go through a test, which was that there were three chests of gold, silver and lead and the man that chooses the right chest shall marry Portia. Well I strongly believe that this was very stupid. As what if someone that Portia does not like or someone who is not a good man chooses the right chest then Portia will have to marry him. How could a father do so, as more than choosing the right box, the person should be good and of Portia’s choice.

a) As it is said that parents are god’s greatest gift, and they can give whatever that they have for their child. Well my parents have done a lot for me, firstly both my parents are eldest in their families so they sacrificed a lot for their younger siblings. Well God gave them more, and they were able to give me and my sister all that we want, due to God and the love of their parents they are today successful and living a great life.

b) From my first step, my parents have always been with me and whatever they have done was for my own good and I don’t have words to express my love for them, I thank my parents for whatever they have done for my benefit, and pray that God gives them what they desire.