Sorry, but I don’t get it.

Hi Kate,

Unfortunately in communities like these you grow up with an extremely limiting view of the world. Choice isn’t something that is actively part of the vocabulary.

Do not underestimate the powerful mental restriction and indoctrination of poverty!

The tragedy here is the decay and the social holocaust caused by capitalism all over the world, not just Cairo. Being a victim is the natural order in these communities. The abandonment by government is proof enough for them. Whether it is real or not, they believe it (as victims would).

“If you didn’t finish high school, had a couple of kids and a criminal record, how far can you really get? Not far!” they are told.

I see the utter enslavement of these limiting beliefs daily in communities. Limiting in that no questions are asked — you get what you get and that is the way it is! If your parents are like that, how will they be able to guide you on a better and brighter path?

There will always be a few who ‘get out’ but it is not to say those left behind don’t dream it for themselves too. People don’t mind moving on — moving forward is what scares them. And why would you move somewhere where you are nothing and it is hard, when you are the king of the hill in this shit hole?

Just because you got out doesn’t mean everyone else has the same courage. So look kindly on the desperate masses stuck in the endless loop of dysfunction, poverty and oppression. Share your wisdom and encourage to those who need it. I promise somewhere it will stick and another one will ‘get out’.

“Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly and, if you speak, speak accordingly.” — Benjamin Franklin
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