One Big Myth About Creativity
J. Westenberg

I have always been for the argument that anyone can learn and practice to be more creative. When nurtured creativity will grow.

The problem comes when people inaccurately think Creativity is somehow Talent.
Photo by Ricardo Viana on Unsplash

Believing that if they don’t have a certain talent they won’t have the ability to express themselves creatively.

Most people sell themselves short when it comes to their ability to be creative. I find people have been so numbed mentally, they are scared to think free and have creative thoughts. Being creative can be an extremely stressful experience for some. The limitations set by society and formal rules have made their creative minds seize up in a way. When I help someone be creative, they basically have to be led step-by-step until they can feel free enough to make a decision for themselves. The fear of doing something wrong is one of the biggest myths I have to break down in order to get the creative juices flowing for people.

There are no rules to being creative. All you have to do is create without any if’s or but’s.