Dear Republican Party.

Congratulations on your win. Congratulation President-Elect Donald Trump. I hope you go forward and Make America Great again. (I thought America was great…my mistake. Thanks for the update.)

….. In regard to going forward, I need some clarification.

I realize you want me to get behind you and support your agenda. And, I’ll make every effort to do so. I’ve always been a team player.

But, when I disagree with your program I would like the ability to peacefully protest without fear of reprisal.

And if I go along with your program and it turns out to be a really bad idea, i.e. The Iraq war, I want you to promise that you won’t place equal blame on me because I was nice enough to support you — when, in truth, I thought your plan sucked.

See, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t punish me for peaceful protest, claiming I am obstructing your program; and then hold me accountable for your mistakes if I support you — against my better judgement.

That’s just not cool. And it’s dirty pool. (Hey, cool and pool rhyme.)

And if possible, every now and then I’d like you to admit when you screw the pooch..unless you are infallible. (Never met anyone yet who was..just sayin’) I have a difficult time with folks who refuse to own their mistakes. And you kind of did that when George W was Prez.

I can go along with your agenda. I can be be a team player — (Exuse me can I get a sidebar — ”Were you a team player the last 8 years — — ”) never mind, not important. New day. New Sheriff in town.

So, Republican Party, go forth and Make America Great again.

Good, glad we got that cleared up.

And by the way; love that whole “Sarah Palin appointment” thingy.

(This is sort of like when my dog eats a bag of lemons, then takes a giant crap in the living room, and I scoop it up to make lemonade. Problematic.)