How I compare Trump to Hillary is a simple test. It’s the Bully Test. Trump is a bully. He enjoys bullying people. It makes him happy. He stays up late at night in the pursuit of hurting people.

Hillary may have made mistakes, had poor judgement in some instances, again — I don’t have the facts on this and she has never been convicted of any crimes. We might all agree that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. (Except for Hillary.)

I don’t have to look hard to find reasons to dislike Trump. He provides them. He is proud of them. He enjoys saying hateful things. I consider this a character flaw. Perhaps he can’t help it. Maybe it is a sickness. Regardless, it is a character flaw.

I’ve met many people like Trump. They have an ugly heart. I walk away from them. Distance myself from them. I won’t have that luxury with Donald Trump if he ends up running our country. None of us will.

I don’t beleive that Hillary comes from a place of hate. I don’t think she stays awake at night trying to think of ways to hurt people, screw up the country, cause mayhem. I don’t think she was secretly sending missle codes to Russia or China in her emails. She may have said some stuff that might have embarrassed her, like, “I wouldn’t fuck Donald Trump with Barbara Bush’s pussy.” (I made that up…for fuck sake.)

Now if Trump said that, some folks would find it clever, amusing, good-ole-boy stuff. But if Hillary got caught saying it, “Off With her Head”. So maybe she deleted some emails. I doubt she was plotting the overthrow of our government. She is not Darth Vader in panty hose. I don’t deny she may have an agenda. But don’t we all.

Trump is a bully. He enjoys bullying. It makes him feel good to put others down, demean them. He is not a nice person. He is in fact, a dangerous person.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.