Art Isn’t Free. Can We Stop Pretending it is?
Brian Geddes

The Art of Entertainment. I call it entertainment because I don’t know what else to call it. I listen to a song, watch a movie, and read a book for my own entertainment. I like to pay people to entertain me because I want to continue to be entertained.

As a writer, I’ve written hundreds of pieces. I’ll never be paid for them, no one asked me to write them, and few people will ever read them. But, I’ll continue to write them because I need to write.

I also didn’t spend any money to post them on Fanstory or Facebook. The only thing I have invested is my time. Time well spent.

People who sit in theaters and copy a movie and then pirate the film are thieves. People who buy the pirated copy are thieves. Big money was spent on making the movie. Same thing goes for an album. It takes big money to make an album available to listeners.

If we continue to steal songs and movies, we can eventually expect to turn on the TV and see a test pattern.

Moral of the story: Don’t steal entertainment. Pay for it or learn how to play the kazoo.

Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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