Its time to give Facebook a face-lift, not the flick

It’s not uncommon to go onto your Facebook page and read the myriad of negativity that seems to be flooding our reader view. Posts bestowing harsh judgments and blatant all out “bitching” now seem to be the norm for the once innovative and forward thinking internet forum. This constant surge of negativity is taking its toll on those who are trying to maintain a positive mindset as we are bombarded by all sides of media with depressing and unhelpful energies. It’s the reason many of us are now deciding to unplug from Facebook and it’s all too understandable. But what if unplugging is not the only answer, what if we could create a conscious shift within Facebook and use this brilliant medium to promote creativity, ingenuity and positivity?

All too often we see negative projections of the world force fed into our brains. I have altogether stopped watching TV because of the destructive and mind-numbing programs that I no longer wish to suffer through. Newspapers and TV programs are constantly letting us drown in negative viewpoints of a world that they want us to fear. This is not surprising as fear is one of the best ways to control people’s decisions. Making you fear that you will miss out will make you more inclined to buy, making you fear that if you do not go to university you will not get a job will make you more inclined to take out a student loan, making you fear that if you don’t take a particular medication you will die will make you more inclined to take the drugs. These fear strategies do not have to really provide any substantial evidence, all they have to do is cast a shadow of doubt into our mind and we will instinctively begin to listen to what the fear-projecting mediators are saying. When people ask me why I don’t watch the news I tell them its because its mostly irrelevant. When they start to tell me of a horrific story they heard from the news I simply stop them and say, “well that’s good that it’s in the news…it means is not likely to be a common occurrence”. If what they were reporting was common and mainstay then it would not be, by definition, “news-worthy” and interesting, which would not result in many sales or views. Remember, it all comes down to commercialisation. So with this flood of media induced negativity we have all taken a breath of fresh air when Facebook finally got launched. It allowed us the freedom to forget our troubles and connect with friends and family effortlessly.

Facebook was a revelation. It allowed us to connect like nothing before in history. It makes us feel close to people that may very well be on the other side of the world. We can see what our friends are up to and we can feel like we are part of their lives in a way that we have never been able to do before. We can contact those we have lost contact with, share our thoughts and feelings and find out interesting and new ideas. It’s a platform unlike any other, although with great popularity comes greater chances of people using the system for their own vendettas. More and more we see Facebook used as a platform to shit on the world. To offer up your opinion about issues that are sometimes unproductive and hurtful. People are posting about their bad day, bitching about some event or another, criticising strangers they know nothing about and so on. It has now allowed people to spew their negativity into an open forum for everybody to download straight into their “safe-space”. It seems that by simply closing your account you will be able to effortlessly block this new tyranny of negativity, however I feel that this may be a waste of one of the most amazing connecting assets we have.

I propose we revolutionise Facebook, rather than simply unplug. Let us transform it into a hub of creative expression, passion, enthusiasm and positivity. Let it become a forum where people post things that make us laugh, things that inspire, “ideas worth spreading” (as TED talks would say). Let it become a foundation of hope, where people can present news of a different nature to the world. Lets write stories of the amazing achievements you have witnessed or preformed. Lets revolutionise media and transform it from one of negativity and fear-inspired stories to awe-inspiring, positive recounts of a world that I myself witness daily. Lets stop showing people the crap; let’s spread all the greatness of this world right into your homes and hearts. When you begin to immerse yourself in a new world filled with love, joy, creativity and hope then anything becomes possible; It raises our vibration and allows our creative mind to expand. It gives people the confidence to become the amazing person they were born to be, try new things they always wanted to try and in turn inspire others to do the same in an amazing positive spin-off effect. We can all choose to be part of this new revolution. By being mindful and respond to people rather than react, by posting the amazing things we see daily instead of bitching about the things we don’t like, by offering inspiration and support to people rather than tearing them down and insulting them. Let this revolution push us all to live better, dream bigger and achieve more. We can all claim the responsibility to raise the vibrations of Facebook and transform it into a hub of creative inspiration, positivity and love. Now I wouldn’t mind brining that into my “safe-space” each day, how bout you?

With love

Azita Vind

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