Sometimes it’s easy to shy away from big opportunities in favour for our life as we know it, even if that big opportunity may open up a world that is so wonderful it surpasses your wildest dreams. But why? Because staying the same is safe and safety is sometimes what people crave more than success. But what if success was inevitable; what if that world of wonder was so fantastic that not getting it could change the course of history as we know it?! Well, what if i told you that success WAS inevitable and you were MEANT to change the world? Would that alone inspire you to take the leap? No I think not. I’m not sure why some people stare into the face of change, feel the nervous fear and take the leap anyway and why others don’t. What sets them apart? Why do some ordinary people become extraordinary without any more capability, money or opportunities than any others around them?

I believe it is in part because these extraordinary people have found their life purpose. Something that they MUST do on this earth for themselves and for others. It drives them by consuming their every thought and desire. To fail is not an option and to succeed becomes inevitable because they will not stop until their dream is realised.

To have blind faith is important but to have courage to step out from your ledge of safety is even more important. The world needs you to step up, raise your standards and make the change. Perhaps the thought of moving mountains scares you, it seems to big a task to accomplish for one person, but remember, we can move mountains one pebble at a time. You are not only qualified enough to achieve something great, you are unique, special and essential. You were put here for a reason, to make a difference. Be the change you want to see in this world and take the leap. You have the power; do you have the courage?