Listen to people on social media.

Today, the virtual space, known as cyberspace, allows the people and the media to express their opinions about various issues frankly and explicitly and share them with others with an unprecedented influence and speed. In this regard, people never ignore the qualitative analysis of the services they receive or the products they purchase so that they share their positive or negative opinions in their private or non-private pages for informing and helping other people or for any other reason. The news media, due to their higher influence, can analyze the constructive or destructive impacts of the businesses on the society…


Mark Zuckerberg’s apology after the news published about the access of different applications to the saved images and the images in the expired stories inspired us to have some investigations on the conditions that may put the organizations in the apology position due to the accidents or damages that they have imposed on the environment, society, etc.

Over the past 14 years, Mark Zuckerberg has apologized several times for different problems, which has led to a negative viewpoint on him and FACEBOOK. Therefore, an apology at the organizational level requires a great deal of thought and risk since such…

Why banks start working on social media?


The seriously active presence of 19, out of 28, Iranian banks in the Instagram social network is indicative of the inclination of this ecosystem toward attracting the attention of the younger generation. The present paper is aimed to investigate the reasons for the banking brands’ activities on Instagram, meanwhile analyzing their success level. Let’s begin with the objective of such a presence.

Objective: Attracting the young audience

According to the definitions introduced worldwide, the individuals born within the period from the early 1980s to the late 1990s are known to have some specific behavioral characteristics as a result of…


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