How to prevent your busy day?
Pridsadi Panyawutho

I agreed with how this article derive the way to manage such a busy day as mentioned. It’s very challenging to everyone to learn how to use management skill and be able to apply it in real life situation. As the example, “task prioritization”, “task migration(a.k.a. postponement)”, and “Using Management Tool” is such the great way to handle it.

However, in the broad side, I also believe that the way to get those management skills or the ability to do things like that is not as easy as a daily routine. It’s highly required a good knowledge or education about this which may really hard for someone to start learning without affecting to their current daily routine. It’s hard to change for someone.

I have impress that you have shared this experience and the one of greatest information to help office worker by suggesting these solutions. Looking forward to next article about this.

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