A recent study in 2018 by Gartner identifies better “managing customer information” as one of the top three priorities for customer service and ChargeDesk excels in helping companies manage their customer payments.

ChargeDesk is a billing tool that enables customer support agents to manage customer payments. It allows support agents to view payment histories, perform refunds, and edit subscriptions in Freshworks thereby improving “time to resolution” — the number one metric that matters most for customer support teams.

Customer challenge addressed

ChargeDesk was created as it was hard to match customer support requests to their payments. We spent hours going back and forth…

Whenever I thought about my future, I wondered if I would have a child. There are many things I value in life. Your mum is definitely at the top of that list. Spending time with friends, family and having new experiences is also really important to me. I’m very passionate about my work, but I never want it to be the focus of my life. Your mum and I both love travelling, having adventures, but also enjoying quiet moments together. It was hard to imagine where a child would fit into this.

But even though I didn’t know exactly why…

Top tips for building an Intercom integration

This is a guest post by James Peter, CEO and Co-Founder of ChargeDesk. James lives in Sydney, Australia and oddly enjoys both programming and customer support. ChargeDesk is an Intercom Platform Partner.

My name is James Peter. I’m a co-founder of ChargeDesk. We help companies manage customer payments from Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and Recurly in the same place they’re already interacting with their customers.

We’ve recently spent some time building out our integration with Intercom using their newly expanded API and Developer Program. …

After 6.5 years, today is my last day working at Melon Media, 89n, CheckDog & ManageFlitter.

It’s hard to find jobs that are as fulfilling as the one I've had here. From the frequent product & feature launches to building a sustainable product business, we've had many remarkable times. I've grown both professionally and personally by working with the amazing team here. I started as the sole developer at the company and grew to Co-Founder & CTO of the product business. Kevin Garber has been an amazing mentor and CEO. He’s taught me a lot about myself and provided a…

An origin story.

Dealing with payment disputes is part of the daily grind for anyone handling customer support.

Open a support ticket.

“why the hell did you take my money? I never authorized this! who do you think you are? Give it back RIGHT NOW”

Tab over to the customer database.

Find no entry for the email address or name on the ticket.

“Sorry, I couldn't find the details of your transaction. Could you please let me know the order ID it was created with?”

Receive no response.

1 day later, receive a notification that a chargeback has been filed…

James Peter

Real developer. Pretend journalist and entrepreneur. Failed physicist. Human rationality enthusiast. Likely transhumanist. Enjoys big words.

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