brand matters

You are what you wear.

You see two plain white shirts for sale. The fabric is the same, the size is the same. You wouldn’t be too surprised if the manufacturer was the same, except for one little, nearly-imperceptible-difference: the shirt on the right has a brand logo stamped on…

Does it look the way you’re saying it?

Even something that may seem inconsequential, like a font choice, makes a big impact on your design.

Look at shampoo bottles for men and women, for example. The label typographies are completely different for the same brand. …

By changing the colors, you can change the meaning.

It’s incredible what can be achieved in communication, using colors. Colors awaken feelings and memories in our minds and establish connections with experiences we know. It’s up to whoever designs communication to know how to use it in their advantage, provoking…

You work in the industry for years, creating the best products and you’re customers are getting all the credits? …

Dear Brand, you are what you wear

Dear brand,

It’s all about perception: people will judge you just by looking at you. And, as a consequence, they will treat you the way they think you are, just by the looks. It might seem unfair, but that’s just how things work.

Dress for the job you wish to…

And that includes yours.

We all know things won’t happen until someone decides to get them done. Big brands and manufacturing companies didn’t start off only through good looks and captivating advertisements. …

Dear brand, time is short. Serve dessert first
Dear brand, time is short. Serve dessert first

The next time you plan on appearing on a highway-side billboard, think that you’ll be seen by thousands of people, who are late for work, driving at least 120km / h. If you get them to look at you (which will be lucky!), you will only have 3 or 4…

Words Matters

You say the wrong word… and you’re done!

The haute couture of advertising is found in texts that are carefully magnetized with words that attract to the message all kinds of beneficial secondary associations.

Dear Brand less is more

Dear Brand,

You sound like a politician when you talk… and, trust me, that is not a compliment.

You talk with very long sentences, using expensive words, in a speech that becomes too complex. Perhaps you think that, in this way, your target audience will respect you more, but I…

White Space Matters

Is white space important? Yes, let your canvas breathe!

Nobody likes getting in a crowded subway. There’s always the risk of having someone’s elbow painfully pressed against your stomach or a stranger’s breadth too close to your neck.

Maybe in a less standard case of art imitating life, design elements need space around them as much as you do.

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