This week, we improved the user interface of a car by adding a new feature specifically designed for people that travel with animals. People often want to leave the animal in the car for a short period of time. During this time, these animals often experience either heat exhaustion or hypothermia. We decided to create a new app that would regulate the temperature of the car to benefit the animal when its owner leaves for a short period of time.

When the user clicks the app, they select the duration of time that they will be gone from the car. After this, they select the temperature at which they would like the car to maintain.

We started off as a class to develop ideas. After this, we broke off into groups of three to pinpoint a specific idea. This technique worked especially well because we were able to come up with more ideas more efficiently. As a group, we couldn’t fully decide on whether or not the user should select the temperature, or have a preset to room temperature.

Overall, this week went well. I could have reached out more to new ideas and generated some more of my own. I can see myself using this collaborative technique in all future design projects. It would be impossible to complete such tasks without collaboration. What types of people could benefit from something new and what problems they face are perfect questions to ask when designing something new.

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