CrocoBlock. The All-in-One Service for Building WordPress Elementor Websites

May 28, 2018 · 6 min read

By Victoria Shirokova .

Meet CrocoBlock, the all-in-one service providing everything needed for creating websites with Elementor!

Lately lots of people experienced how easy it is to work with Elementor, and even more have heard of the intuitive page builder which allows creating web pages literally on the fly.

Making the process of creating websites easier for everyone is one of the most important goals nowadays. That’s why Zemez team has chosen to create a light Elementor-compatible theme, different addons for all purposes, astonishing skins on different topics — everything cut for Elementor live page builder.

CrocoBlock service is the very place you can get practically everything needed when working with Elementor for a great price. And what is the best about it is that everything is already included into one subscription. So you don’t have to wonder which product you need to purchase first, all the plugins, the theme and the skins are available for downloading and usage for everyone who gets CrocoBlock subscription. All you need to do is choose the licensing type that suits the best for your purposes, depending on how many projects you’re planning to work on.

But first things should go first. Let’s find out more about what’s included into CrocoBlock subscription?

What’s Inside CroCoblock?

CrocoBlock subscription includes the powerful set of top-notch Jet plugins, made specially for those who enjoy working with Elementor and want to add even more functionality and content widgets to the existing ones.

A Huge Set of Jet Plugins

All the plugins are of exceptional quality, they can be easily installed and are made for different things, like creating more astonishing content with the exquisite JetElements widgets, such as Advanced Carousel, Slider, Image Layout, Banners, etc; showcasing blog posts in the form of post tiles, post listing and news ticker using the widgets from JetBlog plugin; building a mega menu using Elementor with JetMenu, etc. There will also be JetTabs plugin, which helps in adding content built with Elementor into stylish tabs and accordion blocks. Another Jet plugin which is available in the subscription is JetReviews, the perfect tool for creating and styling up reviews using Elementor.

The Brand New Jet Addons for Elementor

However, CrocoBlock includes not only the well-known Jet plugins which have already gained attention and are respected by lots of customers. The service also offers the set of new plugins, that will definitely be loved by lots of people in the future.

JetThemeCore is the unique addon that makes it easy for everyone to create different theme parts, such as page templates, headers, footers and separate sections, using Elementor.

The plugin makes it easy to build templates and assign different headers and footers to different pages whenever there is a need, so one doesn’t have to stick with the only header available for him.
Another great feature of JetThemeCore plugin is that it provides the pre-styled ready-made sections, headers, footers, and even the whole pages on different topics and for multiple purposes. There are Home pages, About, Careers, Testimonials, and loads of other versatile pages literally for all kinds of things. Every page is built with Elementor and can be edited according to your vision and taste.

And if there is no such page that you want, you can build your own one in minutes using the huge set of pre-styled sections available right from Elementor editing page, under Magic Button.
And the best thing is that the list of pages and sections will be updated with time.
JetThemeCore plugin gives everyone limitless opportunities in creating and editing websites, making the process extra easy.

JetBlocks is another new plugin available for CrocoBlock subscribers. It is the very plugin you might need when creating and editing your own headers and footers, as it includes the specific widgets cut for adding website’s logo, a responsive nav menu, a hamburger menu, authorization forms, etc. Every widget can be styled according to one’s needs.

JetTricks plugin is another great addition to the set of tools provided in CrocoBlock. The plugin adds eye-candy animation and visualization effects to liven up website pages with parallax effects for widgets, unfolding columns, View More buttons, animated hotspots for images, etc.
JetTricks will surely be loved by everyone who dreamed of creating even more eye-catching content without ever touching a line of code. The plugin makes your content alive with visualization.

JetWooBuilder plugin is a unique tool for creating WooCommerce Single Product page templates with Elementor. The plugin allows adding and editing the Product page templates, and there are different WooCommerce widgets available for usage. JetWooBuilder will become a great asset for web store owners.

Light and Clean Kava Theme

Light and simple Kava theme is also included in the CrocoBlock subscription together with the Kava Child theme, and one can use both the theme and the plugins together, or use the products separately for different projects. Such things are always up to clients and their needs.

However, CrocoBlock team has made sure that the installation process will be extremely easy for everyone. So the Jet Plugin Wizard is also on board. This tool will help you out with the process of installing skins and plugins.

Loads of Demos on Different Topics

As for the skins, the list of them is already huge, and every skin is not only well-designed, but also is carefully thought-through. One can find different skins on any topic in CrocoBlock Dashboard, and this is only the beginning.

Caring Support Always Ready to Help

CrocoBlock customers don’t need to worry about the lack of knowledge or experience. The skilled support team is always ready to assist the clients, and is open for communication about CrocoBlock products, providing efficient help.

There is also a vast documentation and a huge knowledge base available. And in CrocoBlock community on Facebook one can ask any questions and get the answers directly from CrocoBlock team.

Simple Licensing Is What Matters

Depending on your needs, you can choose the license that will cover every aspect of your future projects. And there is no need to spend more costs than it’s actually needed. There are no pitfalls, everything is easy and clear.
There are two different types of licensing available:

  • Annual — the first type of license, which allows using CrocoBlock service during one year, including all the products and premium support. It can be applied for one website or for multiple projects, depending on what is needed. And the customer will receive all the updates and new demos during one year.
  • Lifetime — this is the second type of license, and it allows using CrocoBlock service without ever fearing that the license can expire. The license provides not only lifetime access to all the products included in CrocoBlock, but also to lifetime updates and support.

It depends on one’s needs what license type he chooses. CrocoBlock team tried to make the licensing extremely simple and convenient for everyone.
And the best part is that one can upgrade the license whenever it is needed.

Don’t hesitate to check the Frequently Asked Questions block in order to get more answers to the questions you’re interested in!

CrocoBlock service is just what one looks for when he wants to go ahead with time and wants everything in one place. The service includes everything from theme to skins, demos and plugins. It is convenient for everyone, regardless of one’s experience in the field of website building. And there is also professional support team ready to help if there is a need.
The service is really advantageous, it provides clear pricing and licensing terms.

All the products included are often updated, and the list of plugins and demos will become even larger with time. Join CrocoBlock, and start building the future together with us!


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