Design, Deploy and Configure Monitoring Dashboard by Prometheus + Grafana using Ansible

5.1 Overview

5.2 Technical Design

5.3 Deployment

5.3.1 Prerequisites

5.3.2 Provisioning Servers

5.3.3 Building Node Exporter with Ansible

5.3.4 Building Prometheus with Ansible

5.3.5 Building Grafana with Ansible

5.4 Configuration

5.4.1 Configure Node Exporter

5.4.2 Configure Prometheus

5.4.3 Configure Grafana

5.5 Test / Validation

5.6 Next Step

Design, Deploy and Configure Secure Platform using Ansible

Design, Deploy and Configure Log Management Platform using Ansible

4.1 Overview

4.2 Technical Design

4.3 Deployment

4.3.1 Prerequisites

4.3.2 Provisioning Servers

4.3.3 Building Elasticsearch Servers with Ansible

4.3.4 Building Kibana with Ansible

4.3.5 Building Logstash with Ansible

4.3.6 Building Logstash with Ansible

4.3.7 Building Fluentd with Ansible

4.4 Configuration

4.4.1 Configure Elasticsearch Servers with Ansible

4.4.2 Configure Kibana with Ansible

4.4.3 Configure Logstash with Ansible

4.4.4 Configure Logstash with Ansible

4.4.5 Configure Fluentd with Ansible

4.5 Test / Validation

4.6 Next Step

Design, Deploy and Configure High Availability databases Servers using Ansible

3.1 Overview

3.2 Technical Design

3.3 Deployment

3.3.1 Prerequisites

3.3.2 Provisioning Servers

3.3.3 Building PostgreSQL Servers with Ansible

3.3.4 Building Patroni with Ansible

3.3.5 Building Etcd with Ansible

3.4 Configuration

3.4.1 Configure PostgreSQL Servers with Ansible

3.4.2 Configure Patroni with Ansible

3.4.3 Configure Etcd with Ansible

3.4.4 Configure HAProxy with Ansible

3.5 Test / Validation

3.6 Next Step



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