The magic of rituals.

We all have them. Activities that we do in a sequenced order involving gestures, words and objects.

Some of them are meaningless. Like waking up, going to the shower, dressing up, preparing breakfast and check if you don’t forget your house keys.

But I’m not talking about those.

Im talking about the rituals that you really love to do, the ones that make you smile.

Those rituals are magic. They can connect yourself to the ground, connect with family, friends, lovers and even colleagues from work. They make you connect in the present moment. To commute.

For me, my favorite one is a morning ritual. In a week day. A work day.

I wake up, take my shower, shave and dress up. Take my breakfast, and watch morning news.

Then, magic starts. I walk in to the room and watch my daughter sleeping. I slowly wake her up, calling her slowly and caressing her. When she wakes up, i always try to make her giggle a little, playing with her little stuffed animals and interacting at same time. Then I take her in my arms and bring her to the living room, to the sofa full of blankets to keep her warm.

«what do you prefer for breakfast?» she answers slowly, still sleepy. Then I stay right beside her. Just enjoying the moment.

We should have more rituals. Not the obsessive compulsive ones. The ones that make you connect to yourself. To other ones. Because life is at full speed. We don’t have much time to think in the magic of the present moment.

Rituals. Do you have any? Tell me yours :)