Fashion and luxury brands need to start connecting the dots

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The way people are discovering is totally changing, and if you will find yourself in a desert if you do not keep up

The nature of the Internet is Darwinian: some forms of digital life evolve and prosper, others become extinct.

There are a plethora of examples: Search Engines such as Altavista or which have been wiped off the face of the Earth by Google; closed Social Platforms such as MySpace and prehistoric browsers like Netscape. And let’s not forget devices from manufacturers such as Nokia and Blackberry, once at the forefront of the mobile web, before smartphones arrived and changed the game.

Of course, evolution never stops and revolution comes frequently. The bigger changes are often foreseeable long before they arrive; those who can interpret the signals and connect the dots are also able to adapt quickly and ride the new trends before others. …


Giuseppe Pastore

Search Marketing & Affiliation Manager @YNAP OFS. Loving Avellino basket team, salsa dancing, crime novels, smiling people.

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