XKCD Emojic 8-ball thinks I should devote my life to spiritual pursuits

XKCD — emojic 8 ball

I thought this was a particularly good one, because on top of there being a clear thumbs up, there are also two women who look like they’re meditating to the left.

Thing is, despite being an atheist, and a programmer, and generally technically minded, I always sort of believe these things. Not like, you know, rationally. Just, I believe that we somehow have a way of making surface what we really want. I asked that 8 ball about ten different questions (it’s cheating to ask the same question twice) but this is the only one I decided to screen shot.

I just returned from a trip to a Zen monastery where I contended with a lot of jealousy for the longer term residents. I like jealousy, because it’s an emotion I have easy access to (unlike anger) and it often has a simple message.

I noticed more than just jealousy for some of the residents, I also noticed more for specific residents who had been there longer. Additionally, my jealousy was more acute during meditation in the zendo where some of the more formal practices were taking place. I have always dismissed the formal forms as unnecessary, and perhaps to some degree culturally-appropriative, but it seems like I’ve been denying my deeper attraction to them.

Simply stated, I wanted the answer to that question to be yes. And, as luck would have it, it was! It only took a few tries.