It’s All in Your Head

What I learned at Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival.

I’m going to start this article with an exercise in creativity. In order for this exercise to work, you’ll need to suspend your skepticism. Skepticism is good in the world we live in because there are many people trying to lie to you, to take something you have. But I’m not one of them. I’m trying to give you a gift. And for you to receive this gift, you’ll need to be fully receptive.

Imagine a world where you are infinitely powerful. Imagine that in this world whatever you think is made manifest. Every idea and emotion has shaped the fabric of your objective reality. Also, imagine that you are an inextricable part of everything. Everything relies on you, as you rely on it, because you are one in the same, like the heart is one with the chest. You beat in step in an ever evolving dance of love and connection. You have dominance over this world for now because you are impressively intelligent, but you also need it and so you take care of each other.

Now imagine in this world you looked at death in the face and became mesmerized, and afraid. And everywhere you go with death in your mind, death follows. You pass this idea of death to your neighbors, to nature, to your children, and they pass it on to their children. In this world, you are infinitely powerful, and this is what you, manifested. You were trained when you were young to oblige with this manifestation, just like your parents were trained to oblige before you, and so on. You can’t trace the origin of these ideas because they are so much a part of you that you don’t even see them. And because they, and you, are so infinitely powerful, you bring them down on yourself. Don’t go out at night, the animals will get you, those people will get you, don’t talk to strangers they’re dangerous. The nightmares in your head become the nightmares of your reality. Why is it said that everyone is secretly waiting for the end of the world, while the end of the world evidently draws near? Is it because we’ve perceived it, or is it because we’ve manifested it?

This is’s great news for you! Because life is just a thought away. All you need to do is be honest with whats in your mind. Are you manifesting life? Or are you manifesting death? What do you want?

Now I’m going to tell you something I know about you. You want love. You crave deep connection. You don’t feel whole without it. And you aren’t whole without it. We live in a world that has been designed with you as a part of it. It needs you and you need it. You crave connection because connection is your life. You are a part of nature, you are not separate from it. And by separating yourself from yourself, out of fear, you kill yourself. It’s not your fault. You, like me, learned this habit from your parents, who learned it from theirs. But I’m here to tell you as someone who was trained like you, that the world is not scary, and you do deserve to be a part of it. And there is a solution. The great thing about humans is that we have this beautifully powerful brain that can learn anything at anytime. You are not broken, no one is. You are infinitely powerful, no part of you is defective, unless you believe it is. You can teach an old dog new tricks, and if you believe you can’t, well then you can’t, because that’s how powerful you are.

First thing you need to understand, is that the only world that matters for you to make all your dreams come true, is to the world inside your head. Emotions are addictive. And unfortunately in some cultures, you’ve been taught to be afraid, to isolate yourself because others are out to get you, and to limit yourself because you’re not good enough, you aren’t worthy, and you never will be. You haven’t been honest with yourself in how you feel because you’re ashamed of these emotions, and that takes away your power. But these thoughts are only one sliver of your possible reality. And I’m here to tell you that your lack of power is an illusion. These are emotions you learned at a very early age and they are well practiced. But you need to practice different ones. You need to practice love and trust. Trust in yourself and trust in others, because your one in the same. That’s how you create a world that’s loving, and trusting, the world that if your honest with yourself, you know you want. This is the path to life, to everything you wanted. And its yours to take whenever you want.

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