How quartz works in Topu epoxy system?

Quartz has many different uses in epoxy flooring application. In Topu Epoxy system, the functional role in quartz use are listed below.

Anyone who has installed a floor coating properly will tell you that the hardest and most time consuming part is prepping the substrate base for the epoxy. During the mending and repairing process of the concrete base treatment, quartz are added in the epoxy mixture to make a grout-like product which can be used for grouting holes, cracks when the concrete base are in bad situation (and even constructing rounded coves around the edges of the floor). In Topu Epoxy system, quartz are play an important role in getting a well preparation for whole system at very first.

Furthermore, in the Intermediate Coating in Topu Epoxy, quartz sand are adding to increase the solid degree of the second floor screed. This application are commonly use in heavy load facilities since the flooring have well mechanical properties.

In Topu’s Self-leveling top coating, color quartz sand as a decorative component to give out the attractive appearance of the whole system. After the mixture of color quartz with epoxy and curing agent, the material are trowel applied to attain a smooth and colorful finish.

One of the primary concerns about epoxy flooring for the underground car parks, is how slippery it may be when wet and what can be done in terms of an anti-slip additive to create a non-skid surface?In Topu car parks project, there are orange texture to provide additional grip in a wet environment, and in the area like the ramp, quartz sand are broadcasting in the coating to attain a rough texture, through this way to get the powerful anti-slip properties and well tire friction performance. The larger the quartz granule the higher the tire grips coefficient will be.

Above mentioned are the main uses of quartz in Topu epoxy flooring system. As an important additive component, quartz sand can serve multiple purposes range from very fine silica sand to quartz granules of different size.

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