iPad only, gamedev - #12 - Working with pixelart got better.

Even changing some of my games (TBR) to vector art, the pixelart is my passion in games. And it got better to work with now with the new version of Pixaki.

Although it may look a little expensive (even if you already have the previous version), the quality of work that can be done now is worth it, especially the animation and spritesheet export features.

I’m not a good pixel artist, sometimes I just keep trying to modify some images found on the internet to learn techniques and styles. All the characters in my game Arena Fu I did without much references and I think that today I can do better if I wanted to create a new version, especially the visual effects.

I’ll not make a review of Pixaki here, just explain how it got better for who, like me, is using an iPad Pro to do some gamedev work.

Creating and saving color palettes are very good, it gets saved not only on the image you’re working on, but on the whole app. Now you can draw lines and shapes, there is various options to help create animations, resize the canvas, even using an image layer above the pixel one to help you make pixels from your hand drawn sketch or photo.

There is a lot of features that usually had to be made in 2 or 3 other apps after you finished your work but now the whole workflow for a pixel artist is way simpler.

One problem that it still has is a lack of palm rejection when using the Apple Pencil, that bothered me some times. I believe they will (need to ) include this in a future update.

So, this ended up being some kind of review of the app but the important part is that, if you are developing a game with pixelart, all you need for the art part of the game is now packed in only one app. Faster workflow.

See you!