Filling a gap

Tomorrow is the first day of my parental leave. The little boy and I can’t wait to know each other a bit better. When he was 6 months old, him and Vanessa went to see our parents and relatives in Italy. I practically lost any physical contact with them for a couple of months. For adults it’s already a borderline proposition, but for a 6 months old baby that was 33% of his lifetime without experiencing me! Facetime had helped but to this day the relationship between the two of us is imperfect: I need to fill a gap. This is what this time together is for. Filling a gap.

I’ve been dreaming of this opportunity for quite some time and I will try to write about it for few reasons. First and foremost, to remember every moment we will be spending together in these two months. Secondly for Vanessa to get a report of what her two dudes were up to. Last but not least, to show why — despite everything you hear on this topic — San Francisco is a great city for kids.

Daddy, let me remove that beardy mask of yours