3 floral prints you need in your wardrobe

Flowers are everywhere and so being the floral trend. From tops to dresses to even boots and accessories floral prints can be seen everywhere and on everything. The floral print has been in since last season and fashion forecast says that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it even during the monsoons. After all what could be a better time to flaunt some colours than the dull grey monsoons. The forecast also says that this is also going to be one of the popular spring fashion trends this year.

With so many options to choose from, there’s something for everyone when it comes to floral prints. Here’s a guide for everyone who wants to dip their fingers into this trend.

  1. Subtly Floral: If you’re afraid to go all out and experiment with a completely floral outfit you can try out some floral accessories. A clutch or backpack with bold floral prints can add a pop of colour to any dull outfit. You can also pick out bracelets, earrings and necklaces with floral prints. Floral scarves too are a great accessory for this season.

2. Completely Floral: If you’re totally in love with this trend, as we are, you can go all out and wear a completely floral dress, a floral jumpsuit or floral maxi dresses are a great way to jump right into this trend. On days when the clouds are desperately hiding the sun and the weather is miserable a floral outfit will help you get your spirits up.

3. Partially Floral: Another way to embrace this trend is to go with one floral piece paired with a solid colour. You can choose floral print pants, shorts, floral maxi skirts, or skater skirts. Pair these with a simple, solid coloured crop top or t-shirt and you good to go. A floral blazer or jacket looks chic over a simple dress. If you’re feeling to floral you can throw a denim shirt or solid coloured shirt over your floral maxi dress or jumpsuit too.

4. Unusually floral: If you’re feeling a little too experimental, you can go all out with a fully floral look. Pair your bold floral print pants with a shirt that has smaller floral prints. Print over a print is a great trend, but only if done the right way. Ensure that you balance out the prints and ensure that they don’t clash and you’ll be good to wear that fashion dress.