Why The World Needs More People That Give A Damn!

“I am awfully sentimental. Of books, belongings, people ,places. It matters very little how positive or negative the experience was. If it shared some meaningful time in my life, I’ll have trouble letting go” — Beau Taplin

We can most certainly be categorized as the generation that has effectively and effortlessly learned to move on.

We have set a pace.

An accelerated pace.

One where we no longer find it necessary to look back, ponder, reminisce.

You only need a quick skim through social media interactions, conversations and a good old fashion update on a friend’s life to see how people are moving on- rapidly from jobs, hometowns, relationships, friendships, social groups, communities etc.

Well the world is looking helplessly for those that are strong believers in second chances, that are more optimistic, that believe in people and circumstances even though everything is sinking.

This world needs people who are willing to co-operate one more time with an aging stubborn father at home, willing to give that lying friend a chance because she is a better person underneath, willing to work on that relationship because “giving up and “ I’ve had enough” are too mainstream.

Vulnerability is the only bridge to build connections. So when you are advised to never cross oceans for people who wouldn’t even cross a puddle for you- No, you must cross that ocean, Love people, All kinds of people. Love them with no expectations; love them without measuring how much they are worth. Cross oceans and even climb mountains.

This world needs people who persevere, who make that broken hearted bass guitarist believe that there is another cheerleader somewhere out there, waiting for him. The world needs people who will make time from their busy schedule for a friend who lost a loved one.

So when the rest of the world is busy expressing love, gratitude, concern and happiness over all means of electronic media available, you can step up your game and take a walk with a friend, take your dad to a play, play a game of cards with your grandmom.

This world is hopelessly scouring for :

The Risk takers

The dreamers

The believers, and

The change-makers


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