Tantalize the Taste Buds with Exclusive Gastronomic Experience in India

India being land of diverse cultures has always attracted foodies across the globe for its simple, spicy and mouth-watering cuisines. Take a journey into culinary adventure and celebrate the global delicacies and gourmet from around the globe. Enjoy from classic delights from appetizing Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Continental, Thai, American and many more. Also caters as one of the Asia’s happening dining and colourful nightlife that travellers get immense treasure of versatile noteworthy entertainment experience. India’s incredible distinct range of dining choice will serve to the entire connoisseurs from all walks of life. If you relish a good satisfying meal, there’s an assortment of fare for every budget and taste. Here the local street food is delectable thawed pot of India’s diversified cultures, while the country’s vivid fine dining setting has develop as one of the universe’s most exciting, featuring many celebrity chef restaurants.

Food & Beverages

India’s dining ambience has taken on much impact from all over the globe, and it is now livelier than ever. Not only do we cater a great range of universally acclaimed diners and restaurants, we provide exclusive gourmet experiences. Crossing all the boundaries Indians are now welcoming India’s fare scene is now booming globally. Indians are choosy and meticulous in how they like their platter to taste — presenting a huge challenge for food industry. The notable young master chefs are now pioneering new organic and glutton free recipes to satisfy each food lovers’ overseas appetite desires. There are many international diners, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), outlets, chains and many more have join hands with local eateries. International food festivals have now become a part of Indian culture. Many inspired international and Indian Michelin chefs have enhanced and innovated many twists in their flavours to satisfy the unfailing love for food. Great food goes beyond words, boundaries, culture and trends.

Indian population has always welcomed global cuisine beyond compare. They have time and again demanded various flavours to satisfy their taste buds. This has always been an inspiration for the international investors to explore the complex native markets in India. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Dough nuts, Subway, Gloria Jeans, Pepsi, Dominos, Nestle, Sbarro, Mandilicious, Arteastiq: A Portmanteau of Art & Tea, ChillBox, Wok & Go, Cold Rock Ice Creamery, Green Beans Coffee, Dum Dum Donutterie, Cheeburger and many more have won the hearts of Indians with their exciting food menus. Many more like Sweet Jesus, Elevation Burgers are entering Indian market with new concept of organic burgers and customized menus. All thanks to the internet technology which has proved to be a revolutionary step to bring the world closer.

From mummy’s kitchen to restaurant kitchens across the globe, food has become the biggest obsession for Indian foodies. The journey of food from spicy Mughlai, kebabs, Continental to pizzas, burgers, French fries, coke, coffees has been very appetizing and flavourful. Thus this has kept the universal food and beverage industry on its toes to satisfy Indian palate. Upcoming business entrepreneurs have joined hands to fulfil the food dreams by collaborating with overseas brands by commencing their franchises here in India. Food and beverage franchise india has now become a profitable sector for corporate entities not only for their expansion but for great business turnovers.