Let’s find another new use of blockchain:
Blokchain advertising.
Try to monetize the sites using cryptocurrency.

To do this, we will use the Ethereum network and write a smart contract:

- Insert your address to receive payments.
- Determine the size of the fees.
- Deploy contract.
- Verify and publish Contract Source Code.

Edit the style and design of the html page of the ad unit as you wish.
And paste the ad block into your website.
It’s easy.

Demo: https://ads.0xbt.net

Donation app of Ethereum and any ERC20 tokens for UNICEF New Zealand.

We’ve created a small blockchain app that lets you or your users support children around the world:
In this application, we used smart contract of project — ZENITH Protocol [https://zenith.0xbt.net]
Unfortunately, few serious charities accept cryptocurrency.
From the one I found, I selected the Ethereum address of Unicef ​​New Zealand:
In addition, you can sign the transaction with your individual signature or add additional information as you wish.
Transaction Example:
(See “Input Data” and press “Decode Input Data”)



Recently, a lot of valuable ERC20 tokens have appeared.
The loss of these coins causes financial damage to their owners.
Moreover, new rules by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) will force cryptocurrency businesses in roughly 200 countries to verify the identities of anyone sending or receiving more than $1,000 worth of digital assets, effectively nullifying their pseudonymity.
We send our cryptocurrencies to various exchanges and other services that require verification.
Sometimes for some reason, these services block your money.
And, unfortunately, your nameless wallet is not always proof that it you who made this transfer.
Since the address from which the transfer…

Today, some processing services are trying to use a limited number of cryptocurrencies as a payment tool.
But the banking sector is not in a hurry to join the use of cryptocurrency.

Why it happens?

The fact is that for a bank to use cryptocurrency, in contrast to the processing service, you need to take it to your balance. That is, the cryptocurrency should be on the balance sheet of the bank as a deposit.

As we know, any banking transaction is signed and identified.
Since cryptocurrencies have the property of anonymity, therefore the bank cannot accept cryptocurrency on its balance…

Recently, more and more articles and information about cryptocurrency have appeared on the Internet and in the press.
We are told about its advantages, properties, usability.
Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency is almost never used as a payment.
Banks and payment systems are in no hurry to use cryptocurrency.

Let’s see how the banks and the SWIFT system interact:

Used diagram by John Hemminger from the Chelsea AllIson article: “What is SWIFT?”

It seems that everything is simple, everything is verified, it is possible to carry out the movement of cryptocurrency.

So why is this not happening?
What prevents cryptocurrency to be used as a means of payment?

When we come to the bank and…

Zenith Protocol

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