Factions: The Aberrantz

To some, the Aberrantz (Ah-berr-antz) are no more than impure Viperz that not even the World Snake wants to look upon. To others, the Aberrantz show great potential of that which Viperz could become. What is universally agreed upon however is they’re not a typical Viperz. Spread across the Southern Seas archipelago the Aberrantz keep mostly amongst themselves, grouping and redefining themselves by the clans and families that most fit their abnormalities.

Some Aberrantz look fairly normal for a Viperz, at worst looking maybe slightly discoloured; yet they so happen to possess incredible strength or agility. The less fortunate have more physical abnormalities such an extra appendages, bone-based exo-skeletons or even in the rarest of cases: multiple heads. What truly makes the Aberrantz unique however is that rarely is a pureblood Abberantz viper born due to the curse of the Aberrantz infertility. Instead the vast majority of Aberrantz are social outcasts from their own original factions forever looked down upon with disdain and disgust.

The clan system is elaborate and sprawling, with Aberrantz forced in to nomadic lifestyles contesting other Aberrantz clans for what little resources exist in the South Seas. Often Aberrantz clans will grow to a significant size and will attempt to take on other Viperz factions to various degrees of success, although never sticking around too long once they’ve depleted the available resources. It’s often witnessed by observers that post-successful raids clans naturally split in to smaller sub-clans or even turn on each other with clans forcefully being absorbed.

With the World Snake stirring many Aberrantz believe in the dream of uniting the clans to achieve the ultimate goal of evolving all Viperz.

All factions recognize the Aberrantz. Not just of what they are and what they can do, but what the Aberrantz could make them become. All factions fear the Aberrantz.


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Zenjin Viperz

Zenjin Viperz are a collection of 2,000 NFTs on the #Solana Blockchain.