Factions: The Hyve

The Hyve (Hy-vh) are the most remarkable amongst the Viperz. Finding themselves being raided often in the early days they sequestered themselves away using ley-lines and other odd forms of channeling world energies to create one encompassing barrier. With no one able to get in without the right tools, the Hyve became an incredibly peaceful nation and have discovered groundbreaking technologies such as electricity and flight. As the Hyve felt they weren’t at risk from their opposing factions they’ve freely shared much of this technology to help facilitate trade and relations; but never too much less they face challenge from rival factions.

Scientists within the Hyve faction have been tinkering with their greatest technology yet: body augmentation! Lose a limb? You can have a mechanized one provided near immediately! A lung or a heart has reduced capacity or is failing? A replacement, grown or mechanical is available! But procuring replacement components simply is not enough for the scientists. Instead — what if every Hyve Viper was to be connected at all times? And thus, the Hyvemind was born.

Each and every Hyve Viper from birth now has an implant connected to their brain stem which allows for constant and near real-time communication to each and every Hyve Viper globally. This has wonderful benefits as being able to communicate silently, having virtual worlds available to the society and making sure that you know where your family are at all times! However, time has shown that the Hyvemind does not come without consequences. Tasks and jobs were no longer being performed, various structures in their forcefield of safety and started to crumble; even the forcefield itself has started to fail in various locations.

With the World Snake stirring, a strong enough of a consensus was reached within the Hyvemind that the world is coming to them whether or not they liked it. With that in their singular mind, the Hyvemind has been altered to become something of a tool. Orders issued without breath, a thousand eyes analyzing a situation of where only a single pair exist, constant consensus sessions agreeing as to how they should strike: the Hyve as a dominion may be inexperienced with war but are all too eager to learn as a unit what war actually means.

Technologically the most advanced yet simultaneously the most infantile amongst the Viperz in matters of war, they are ecstatic to learn what horrors exist out there.

They are one. They are coming. The Hyvemind has entered the fray.


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Zenjin Viperz

Zenjin Viperz are a collection of 2,000 NFTs on the #Solana Blockchain.