How DRIP Could Change Your Life

About DRIP

DRIP’s potential

How to get DRIP

  1. First, visit where you can easily exchange BNB tokens for your first DRIPs. You can buy BNB pretty much anywhere, but the best place is obviously for it.
  2. Afterwards, follow this link to go to where you can enter my Buddy address (0xf49065f019f4699364a329f847966F7e87c5DD3b) so we can get you started properly and enjoy DRIP’s pro-community benefits!
  3. All that’s left at this point is going back to the top of, and depositing at least 1 DRIP to start your payout period — the more you deposit or compound (Hydrate), the more your profits will increase.
  4. You’re all set; let’s get dripping!

Final thoughts



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