Dubai Mystery: What happened to Latifa Al Maktoum?

This is Part 1 | Part 2 -7 will follow

Imagine… you are the daughter of one of the world’s MOST POWERFUL people. And this man takes away your passport, tortures, imprisons and drugs you in an unknown location!!!

ID of Latifa Al Maktoum

Imagine… you record a call for help. No, don’t imagine: Watch the video. Watch it now + share it for the whole world to see:

Call for Help: Latifa Al Maktoum — daughter of Mohammed Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai

Imagine… you manage to escape! You Escape from Dubai! After so so many years of horror and torture at the hands of the “modern and liberal” HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum..

Passport of Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum

The media started to report:



‘Free Princess Latifa’: Kim Dotcom joins rescue bid for ‘captive’ UAE royal

and dont’t forget: An EU citizen, that was with the Princess, was threatened with murder / kidnapping inside the EU!!!!

“Sheikh Mohammed can get you anywhere in the world”, freed Tiina Jauhiainen

how can someone justify this?

Sheikh Mohammed’s ‘jihad’: Justifying a crime?

How did The Guardian, The Independent, The BBC react?

For one month, there was silence. Now we are building momentum and the story will be all over the media soon!

How did the international women movement react?

Unfortunately, so far very few people stood up in solidarity!

Where is the international community?

If Princess Latifa from Dubai is free, it will be a signal for 1000s of oppressed women in those countries

There has been ZERO reaction from the UAE to date.

Except this:

ميره بنت علي السويدي … تدعم حكم الإعدام ضد النساء المضطهدين

Some people say “there are only 2 Latifas”.

This is not true. During the time of detention and torture, and the time of the failed attempt to run away, there was a time when Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum used to sky dive.

The Instagram Page @latifa_1 was deleted when they captured her. Maybe she didnt have time to log out on her phone! And they torture her right now to give all passwords to her communication.

But we can still see how people linked her in comments:

Sheikha Latifa ALMAKTOUM in Dubai Skydiving
Sheikha Latifa has a real brother, Sheikh Majid Al Maktoum; in total, the ruler of Dubai has 30 children

Why does a person have so many children?

How is it possible to love a child when you don’t have the time! and on top of that procreating with different women who are jealous of each other and pass on their bitterness and hateful feelings to their kids. And then they wonder why the children turn out psychologically unstable and some resort to taking drugs. […]
 No matter how rich these people get they will never get rid of the desert in them. Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you should go around squandering money on useless things and breeding like cattle. Bill Gates the richest man in the world has 3 children only and even then he feels guilty for not having the time for them. [Source]
#FreeLatifa #FindLatifa #HelpLatifa

So now… what can you do?

Write your editor, your politician, your human rights organization!

Go to Twitter and Social Media, and spread this article with #FreeLatifa #FindLatifa #HelpLatifa #WhereIsLatifa

To conclude Part 1, this is the summary of her video:

0:01 Latifa introduces herself, says Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid (her father) has 3 daughters named Latifa and that she is the middle one.

1:15 “All my father cares about is his reputation, he will kill people to protect it. He only cares about himself and his ego”

3:00 Shamsa’s escape and how her story ended up in The Guardian.

5:45 Shamsa’s best friend Mona gets arrested, interrogated and tortured by the Dubai Police.

6:25 Latifa explains how her adopted sister Fatima lived her entire life in a cage inside their house.. this was her father’s way of punishing her for being naughty.

8:15 Latifa’s first escape attempt.

11:35 “They tortured me and told me that my father ordered them to beat me and kill me. My father, the ruler of Dubai.. all this public image that he’s trying to portray.. human rights.. it’s all bullshit. He’s the most evil person I have met. He’s pure evil. He’s responsible for so many people’s deaths.”

12:30 Sheikh Mohamed kills Bouchra, the Moroccan wife of his brother Sheikh Maktoum.

13:30 Latifa’s prison experience.

17:40 Feeling betrayed by her own family.
“My mother was always worried I’d do something to tarnish my dad’s (fake) image.” “After I got out of prison, I felt no compassion from my own mother or my sister Maitha. They said: “you did this to yourself.” “No, I didn’t. I didn’t tell Shamsa to run away. I was just trying to help my sister.”
Latifa says it was Shamsa who took care of her as a child and that she sees her as a mother figure.

18:40 Post-prison release. Latifa’s mental breakdown and being admitted to the hospital.

20:50 Back to prison.

22:30 The breaking point. Latifa’s decision to escape.

25:21 “I look like my sister Maitha and brother Majid. So, even if people try to discredit me, I look like my siblings. And I have a copy of my passport and Emirates ID to prove it.

26:00 “I only have a copy of a copy of my passport. I’m not allowed to keep it, I wasn’t allowed to drive or leave the city. My life was very restricted.”

28:30 Life inside the palace.

29:00 Living a lie for 10 years. Sheikh Mohamed’s sister “adopts” Latifa and Majid at birth and tells them she’s their real mother.

32:00 How Sheikh Mohamed treats his children.
“A lot of people have been tortured and lost their lives. My father covers up a lot of murders, he doesn’t care. He is the worst criminal you could imagine, yet he has this image of a so modern man. I have 30 brothers and sisters, he’s no father figure. He just likes to post pictures of his children, to make it appear he’s a family man. His public image, it’s all PR. He has a son in Lebanon that he met maybe once or twice, and I think he gave him a handshake! He’s neglected so many of his kids, he’s no father. He’s a disgusting human being.”

33:00 “In Dubai, the media is controlled, as is much of the Middle East. If I don’t make it out alive, at least there’s this video.”

34:12 Life after Dubai. Looking forward to the future (in the United States).

36:50 More on Sheikh Mohamed’s atrocities and crimes.