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From time to time, the question of Zenon’s use-cases is being addressed. As we are approaching important milestones, it is time to explain why fixing Zenon under a specific use-case can only be a limitation to what the Network of Momentum aims to achieve.

The hybrid applications built on Zenon will fall under a variety of use-cases, covering anything from decentralized storage solutions to DeFi or IoT.

The to-go framework for zApp developers

To describe the matter as simple as possible, Zenon aims to be the “to-go” framework for developers researching better tools and environments and for users seeking superior utilization experiences. …

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Covering: Network of Momentum, Alphanet, and the future of Zenon.

1) Hi there, how will the swap for ZNN token to NoM take place?

A) To avoid confusion, ZNN and QSR are coins, not tokens. Moreover, the swap procedure is designed to be user-friendly and easy for everyone to execute. More information about the swap process will be available before the Alphanet launch on all public communications channels.

2) On the last video you tweeted it showed a ‘Plasma’ tab on the interface of the SYRIUS wallet, What’s Plasma about? Is Zenon a sidechain for Ethereum? Q3. Is Zenon able to interact with Bitcoin? …

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Since the inception, we have centered our focus on building a foundation for our network participants as we believe a sustainable ecosystem should not skip any growth cycle on its way to maturity.
Now, as we approach a new epoch, it’s time to accelerate the growth of the Zenon Ecosystem.

Establishing connections:

The Zenon Fabric team has been communicating with leaders in the cryptocurrency space, building bridges, aiming to connect technologies, and merge communities in preparation for the next phase of Zenon and the transition to the Network of Momentum — Alphanet.
For the first part of the Zenon Fabric program, we have reserved 10 vested Pillar slots for key industry players. Being in the testing phase, we will be introducing them one by one, keeping close contact, aiming towards a secure and smooth transition to Alphanet for our network participants. …

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Zenon can change the nature of big enterprises and small to medium companies by providing its state of the art infrastructure, integrating and participating in all the newly emerging technologies.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is crossing its tipping point, becoming a mature technology that provides multiple advantages over traditional solutions and solves several of their ongoing limitations. It is hard to imagine a sector in which DLT cannot improve or solve existing problems.

In this article, we will begin to state and analyze some of the domains where Zenon’s Network of Momentum, can support and innovate by providing its state-of-the-art, decentralized infrastructure for businesses to build, grow and thrive. …

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As the Network of Momentum Alphanet is nearing its release, a series of articles will be published to clarify some major aspects, such as use cases and strategic partnerships. This article approaches the following subjects: the refreshed coinmetrics, the roles of the network actors and their importance within the Zenon ecosystem.


During Phase 0 of NoM, Pillars participate in the consensus protocol by producing and validating Momentum Intervals (blocks), thus being rewarded for securing the network. As full nodes, they also retain and archive the entire ledger history.

Pillars Requirements:
- 15000 ZNN
- 150000 QSR for Legacy Pillars
- 160000 QSR or more for Regular Pillars, the calculation can be exemplified by using the formula: max(0, (number_of_pillars — 136 + 1)) * 10000 + 150000 QSR to create the Pillar slot(*). …

Paving the way to future alliances.

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Even the most ambitious projects need partnerships and associations as a vital element for growth.

The most significant advantage of a connection with other ecosystems is integrating its elements in a constant pursuit of technological innovation.

Besides the technological aspect, strategic partnerships offer benefits such as acquiring new members, network participants and merging communities.

Addressing future partners

Starting alliances with other actors in this space with vast numbers of users or customers is a way to significantly increase the maturity of the Network of Momentum and Zenon.

Since partnerships are based on mutual advantages, to accomplish long-term goals and fulfill the project’s ultimate vision, a global scale decentralized protocol for hybrid applications, the Zenon Structure will receive the equivalent QSR of its ZNN holdings which will be used to vest Pillar slots for future key industry players. …

Edition 1. Covering general aspects and future of Zenon

We have gathered questions from our community members, which we decided to answer integrate in a Medium article.
In this way, the information will not be lost in the chat archive, and new community members can be directed to this AMA, for clarification.

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1. (Q) Is the new coin a separate PIVX fork at this point? Or does it takes place on the NoM only?

(A) QSR is part of the dual coin mechanism that will power NoM. It will be available on Syrius wallet during the alphanet.

2. (Q) Will QSR be tradable? …

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Presentation / Use-case / Lock-Drop / S y r i u s


Since the beginning, we have been striving to find approaches and ideas to improve the future network protocol while keeping our users incentivized to engage and build on the Zenon ecosystem.

ZNN and QSR will be the two coins that will power NoM, each with its purpose, forming a complementary coin mechanism underlying the Network of Momentum’s architecture.


QSR will function as fuel for the Network of Momentum, powering all services designed on the future Zenon infrastructure, know as zApps. …

Intro to Byzantium Operations.

It is an unquestionable fact that a cryptocurrency network generates and harvests its value from the usage and activity of the ecosystem and its number of network participants.

Because adoption should be taken into consideration even from the early stage of development, we have created “Project Incubator” and “Byzantium Operations”, as a way to set the ground and expand the ecosystem before the launch of the Network of Momentum.

“Byzantium Operations” is a sub-project of Zenon Network which allocates a fixed amount of funds to network participants that want to develop applications or perform tasks within the Zenon ecosystem.

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  1. Technical…

Part 3

The first two parts represent a brief introduction into the history, evolution and importance of consensus algorithms and protocols. In this final part we’ll explore different consensus protocols in the context of decentralized systems and how they evolved since the inception of Bitcoin. Their core objective is to maintain a distributed ledger by determining the order of transactions to prevent double spending.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency working at global scale, enabled by multiple technologies linked together into a blockchain of innovation. …



The Network of Momentum

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