Zenon. Building bridges.

Zenon aims to be the perfect environment for each individual to experiment with decentralization at every level. Based on a decentralized, scalable, and secure protocol, the Network of Momentum is not only the place where everyone can build, but also an ecosystem governed entirely by its community.

One more step towards decentralization is being taken before the Alphanet Launch by providing experimental support for the wrapped ZNN (wZNN) initially via the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) one-way Bridge.

Several reasons are being considered: the possibility to store wZNN into any Web3 compatible wallet, interoperability with the BSC ecosystem, and an alternative to the Decentralized Transition Mechanism for non-technical users.

wZNN will be supported pre-Alphanet via the BSC one-way bridge from the legacy network and both ways after integration with the Alphanet.

This bridging experiment provides a glimpse into the protocol-level interoperability that will be implemented after the Alphanet Launch.

It also serves as a benchmark and a playground to test the limits of different interoperability solutions, highlighting the trade-offs and benefits of current bridging protocols.

How to swap ZNN to wZNN?

  1. Connect to a Web3 compatible wallet (e.g. Metamask) and make sure you’re on the BSC mainnet and you’ve added the wZNN token contract address. The swap fee is 1% and it is automatically deducted from the wZNN. The minimum fee is 1 ZNN. The swap fee is burned and not refundable.
  2. Do not send legacy ZNN from an exchange address or a multi-sig. You will not be able to claim the wZNN and you will lose the funds. Send the ZNN from the latest available version of the legacy wallet to the SwapBurn address.
  3. Wait for 101 confirmations for the swap transaction to complete. After that you must provide the required signature in order to be able to claim the wZNN on BSC, otherwise the ZNN will remain burned and it won’t be possible to recover the funds.
  4. Make sure you have enough BSC funds to cover the transaction fee in order to successfully claim the wZNN.

Bridge specifications:

  • SwapBurn address: ZNNxBSCBridgeSwapBurnAddressZk7mw2
  • Swap fee: 1% or a minimum of 1 ZNN
  • Reedem transaction: after 101 or more confirmations

Please keep in mind this is an experimental setup that does not guarantee risk-free security.

It will be possible to swap wZNN to native ZNN when the Alphanet is live and the BSC Bridge integration is ready.

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