Photo by Jeremy Thomas

How it all started

Mama, tata și Felix.

Nu știu cu ce să încep …

Broken Chrome

I’m permanently removing my extensions from the Chrome store and closing my developer account.

Google Chrome

Please scroll down to read the latest update.

“Auschwitz — Birkenau”, by Zeno Popovici

“Sad Safari” by Tudor Popa

I remember being filled with excitement, thinking this would change everything.

“Playing with Atom” by Zeno Popovici

Thing is, there’s a lot of good and bad advice out there that newcomers take for granted.

“Riding” by Tudor Popa


“Sunset” by Zeno Popovici

“Don’t be Evil” by dAKirby309

The “Don’t be evil” mantra

Zeno Popovici

I'm a front-end developer. @Graffino is my design and web development company. Find out more about me:

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