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How it all started

We started Graffino about 10 years ago. The web was young back then. We were too. A bunch of dreamers who worked well together and wanted to change the world.

We were going through various names and designs until I stumbled onto “Graffino” due to a misheard name on a call with Marius.

Late 2009, after a lot of debates, sleepless nights and tinkering we went online:

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October 2009 — WayBackMachine (The Internet Archive)

This is how our story started. And here we are … this is our “there and back again”.

What defines us

Last year, we decided to revisit our identity and website, as it was high time for a change. We went though a rebranding roughly every five years. Yes, that’s twice in our lifetime, with a little “dark age” in the middle. …

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Mama, tata și Felix.

Acum că s-au mai liniștit apele, am să scriu și eu despre tata. E cam lung și se poate să vă plictisesc. E OK, cred că scriu mai mult pentru mine.

Nu știu cu ce să încep …

Tata a fost “măritat cu spitalul” cum spunea mama. El a fost dedicat total meseriei lui. Din cauza asta eu n-am fost niciodată apropiat de tata. Era un om dificil cu opinii puternice, și care cu greu accepta o altă părere. Pe lângă asta din cauza pasiunii lui, a ratat multe momente din viața mea. …

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Broken Chrome

TL;DR: I’ve been through hell trying to get my extension back to the Chrome Web Store after a takedown for trademark infringement. You can read the whole story in my previous post: “How Google obliterated my 4 year old Chrome extension featuring 24k+ users”.

I’m permanently removing my extensions from the Chrome store and closing my developer account.

When I first started writing my post, I didn’t imagine more than 200–300 people would be reading it. I wrote it as a statement to my Chrome Web Store experience and as an advice for developers who would consider developing for Chrome.

Things started to get out of hand when someone shared it on Hacker News and it all went uphill from there. …


Zeno Popovici

I'm a front-end developer. @Graffino is my design and web development company. Find out more about me:

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