Please stop giving out this dangerous advice:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Teachers, mentors, educators, please stop giving this dangerous advice. When you decide what career you want for yourself it’s about the kind of life you build for yourself, it’s not about what you love.

To imply that work is more than work is dangerous.

Love for someone or something is not a continuous stream of feelings you surround yourself every day. Love is like a cold stream in the summer in which you bathe from time to time, it is precious because it is finite.

I see lots of people giving out this advice to young people, nurturing an impossible dream that will lead them inevitably to burning themselves out to reach it. They are the ones left with picking up the shattered pieces and blaming themselves for not succeeding.

Please stop this nonsense. Prepare them for a balanced life, one in which hard work is important, but that also includes a rich personal life. Teach them to appreciate culture, enjoy a good book, nurture the right kind of relationships, spend time with their loved ones, teach them to travel.

Only then, they will understand the difference.

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