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Lessons Learned from The Magic Art of Tidying Up.

I learned that you go through all your stuff and if it doesn’t give you joy, then get rid of it. Start with your books, clothes, kitchen items, etc. and category by category, you clean out all the clutter of stuff you weren’t using anyways. The goal is to get to only having things that bring you joy and nothing else.

Simple folding techniques make all the difference. You wouldn’t think that this could go far but it does. Fold vertically. Store vertically — so you can see everything you have. I no longer have to go to the bottom of the pile to get a shirt, I just see the right shirt and get it without having to dump everything else. My other clothes don’t get messed up, so my closet stays in order. Because all my clothes are visible, I wear more of them more often. I also have more fun because I’m not just grabbing the most convenient thing, but creating more interesting combinations.