Zen Pain Relief Sports Balm

Zen Sports Pain Relief Balm products, invigorate the human body, reduce pain, & encourage a natural state of wellness.

When an injury occurs in the body, the nerves create a type of pain message. These messages flow along the spinal cord and up to the brain. Before they can reach the brain, they encounter what is known as, “nerve gates.” When these gates are open, pain messages “get through” easily, and pain can be intense. When these gates are closed, pain messages are prevented from reaching the brain and may not be experienced at all. For example, after hitting one’s elbow or head, rubbing the area seems to provide some relief. This motion activates additional sensory nerve fibers, which send information about pressure and touch through the body. When arriving at the brain, they override some of the pain messages it’s been receiving. This action, as depicted in the Infograph, helps to explain why topical analgesics like ZEN Pain Relief Balm are effective in treating a wide range of pain.

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