Moving Pitfalls to Avoid 🚚💨

by Jamie Viggiano | Aug 11, 2017 | Landlords, Renters | 0 comments

“Moving’s fun,” said no one ever. But, don’t worry… there are ways to make it less painful. Whether you are moving to a new city or just around the block, here are some ways to make moving less of a hassle.

1. Be ready to move when the movers arrive.

Want to avoid unnecessary moving costs? Don’t have movers standing around while you pack up boxes. The time the movers sit around waiting for you adds up. So, make sure you are fully ready to go when the truck arrives.

2. Read the fine print… on everything.

This goes not just for your new lease but also the contract with your moving company and your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Check both to see what items (particularly valuable ones) are covered during the move. And before moving, check your lease to see if any particular items are prohibited from your new home, such as a water bed or an outdoor grill.

3. Make a list of your inventory.

After labeling the outside of each box, keep a separate list of what is inside. This way, you will know where everything is, and more importantly, if something goes missing.

4. Carefully inspect the home you left and the home you are entering.

To recoup your security deposit, clean and repair any damage to your old home. Then, when you arrive at your new place, take photos and notes of any defects before the movers get there. This way you will have solid documentation that the damage wasn’t caused by you or your movers and the landlord should be willing to make the repairs.

5. Take measurements.

It doesn’t make much sense to pay to move your overstuffed sofa if there is no way it’s going to fit in the stairwell of your new sixth floor walk-up. Before even pricing a moving company, measure the entrances to your new place and take note of any potential obstacles or obstructions. Does your new place have spiral staircase that makes moving large furniture next to impossible? Or is it a larger facility that permits movers to use a service elevator… but only on certain days and between certain hours? Get this information upfront because, in addition to making the move more difficult and frustrating, it may wind up costing more money as it will take the movers more time to maneuver past these obstacles.

6. Don’t wait until your move date to change your address.

Unless you want the new lessee on your old apartment getting your bank statements, go online or go to the post office about two weeks prior to your move and update your information. If you are in transit for a period of time, you can stop your mail or arrange to have it picked up at a local post office.

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