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Overview of Alliance

ZENZO Ecosystem and Spirit Clash (©Koltiro Games), have come together to launch the beginning of a long-term alliance. Both projects are devoted advocates of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, gaming, and finding ways to empower people through the merging of these mediums. Inspired by the ideas of cross-platform integration and interoperability, both ZENZO and Spirit Clash are turning this alliance into an open experiment that anyone can participate in. By aligning visions, we are able to create a more sustainable and reliable space for communities to learn, grow, and have fun together. Ultimately, this will create more collaborative and creative opportunities that benefit both the game developers and gamers.

What is Spirit Clash?

Spirit Clash is a digital card game that takes place in the realm of Kartulos, where players must choose the nation they plan to defend. Each nation carries its own unique teachings: Charm, Tempest, Zen, Fury, Plague, and Wrath. At the moment, Spirit Clash is a mobile game that utilizes the blockchain to allow players to have complete ownership of their digital cards. This allows for the players to buy, sell, trade, and gift their digital assets. Spirit Clash is one of the first games to utilize ERC-1155 tokens, which is proposed to be the new standard for NFTs.

ZENZO Chan, Magus of Order (Promo Cards)

Spirit Clash Promo Cards — ZENZO Chan

ZENZO Chan, Magus of Order (Tempest Faction)

ZENZO Chan’s origins are unknown. Upon discovering her, monks from a local village watched a bright blue and purple comet strike the earth, deep within the sacred forest. Surrounded by ashes and flames within a fiery crater, a bright and luminescent egg was pulsating and soon to hatch…

To celebrate this special alliance, Spirit Clash has minted 2 limited edition ZENZO Chan cards. The card on the left (with the blue border) will have a max supply of 720 cards, that will be made available for players to purchase during the official pre-sale. The card on the right (with the purple/pink border) will have a limited amount of 100 cards, that will be made available only to the ZENZO Community (information on how to apply for the “ZENZO Chan, Magus of Order” card will be announced in the near future).

Join the ZENZO Discord and learn how to apply!

Spirit Clash Cards & Card Pack (Digital & Physical)

The Future of the ZENZO + Spirit Clash Alliance

ZENZO Ecosystem and Spirit Clash are both already deep in discussion of potential ways to expand this newly formed alliance. To give you all some insight, yet without spoiling all of the surprises, Spirit Clash is considering crafting cards on the ZENZO Blockchain, through the ZENZO Forge. In the future, this could mean being able to purchase Spirit Clash card packs on the ZENZO Arcade and also with the ZENZO Coin (ZNZ). *Please note that the ideas mentioned above are not promises, but early concepts that both teams are currently exploring.

Join the Spirit Clash Community

Be sure to join the Spirit Clash community and follow them on social media in order to keep up with the latest updates, releases, and the official pre-sale! Much like the ZENZO Community, Spirit Clash is very open and friendly, along with an active team and community. You can visit and join their Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Website.

Alliance Giveaway!

It just wouldn’t be right to create a new alliance and showcase the new Spirit Clash Cards “ZENZO Chan, Magus of Order” without doing a proper giveaway. With that being said, ZENZO and Spirit Clash are giving away 3 of the Limited Edition “ZENZO Chan, Magus of Order” cards to 3 lucky winners. This event will last a total of 3 weeks. To enter the giveaway, join here.

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For News, Updates, and Announcements:

Join the ZENZO Community!

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