ZENZO Monthly Report: January 2019

ZENZO Ecosystem
Feb 3, 2019 · 4 min read

Over the past several months, ZENZO has been working on further developing the infrastructure that will allow for the new vision to be attained. The first step in building the ZUI is to create a gaming element of the ecosystem. This will allow for the community to immediately test and use it. In order to do this, the team has had to recruit new executive members that possess a diverse set of skills and expertise.

Joseph Bryce Hart ( CEO — ZENZO Ecosystem)

Joseph has spent the last decade in leadership and business management, specializing in team building, consumer relations, and project acquisitions. He found success as the youngest team member of NovoPrint, rising to VP in just six months time. In just two years, Joseph helped build the USA division into a 17 million-dollar company through his work with city managers, mayors, and Chamber of Commerce executives all across the United States. Joseph is currently Director of Business Development (U.S.) for DADI, where he develops strategies for expanding the DADI network across the United States.

In addition to Joseph joining as the Chief Executive Officer, the ZENZO team has recently added three new core team members: Kitty (JSKitty), Russ Franklin, and Manny Rangel.

Kitty (JSKitty) specializes in javascript and is a software developer, web developer, and community manager at PIVX. He is well-known within many blockchain and cryptocurrency projects for his unique Discord and Twitter bots, along with being a independent game developer. Kitty has been around since the beginning of ZENZO and has proven to be an outstanding, attentive, and caring individual that ZENZO is honored to have on board.

Emmanuel Rangel (Manny) is joining as a marketing director to help ZENZO further establish its presence among all mediums. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Blocksafe Holdings Inc. (TRIG). His background is in Brand Development, Marketing Strategies, and is an influencer whom has reached over 200 million users. He has worked with major brands such as: Coca-Cola, Sony, and Budweiser.

ZENZO Arcade (Marketplace) Alpha Release

What is the ZENZO Arcade?

ZENZO Arcade will initially support uni-directional marketplace purchasing of games directly from the store and its relative admins, one-click instant purchases (with their products delivered both via email and directly within the Arcade’s account interface). The Arcade uses a multi-platform account system to remove excess transactions and further simplify the process. A Discord account acts as the medium of authentication and account ownership. Holders of ZNZ will be able to purchase brand new video game serial keys (PC & Console) through this Arcade in the initial alpha release. The ZENZO Arcade Alpha Release is solely intended to test within the ZENZO Community.

ZENZO will be releasing the market publicly in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

ZENZO Ecosystem “White Scroll” (Whitepaper v1.0)

Future Releases for ZENZO

- ZENZO Ecosystem “White Scroll” (Whitepaper v1.0)

- ZENZO Arcade “Blue Scroll” (ZENZO’s Marketplace)

- ZENZO Eternal “Purple Scroll” (ZENZO’s First Game)

With the new vision for ZENZO, the team will be releasing a series of “scrolls” or documents that will provide descriptions of each asset and element within the ecosystem. For starters, ZENZO will release the Ecosystem overview document called the “White Scroll”. Shortly after, the “Blue Scroll” and “Purple Scroll” will be released, which will provide a deeper explanation of the ZENZO’s Arcade and Game.

ZENZO Ecosystem

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