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Jun 24 · 5 min read

Though Discord-based games are nothing new, there is a large, growing interest for them. They allow people to be able to communicate, work, and play all in one place, on Discord. The beauty of some of these Discord-based games are that you can talk and play with as many people that are active, both playing the game with you and spectating. If your community is anything like ZENZO’s, we are active everyday and it’s really like we live there. In our minds, it’s one step closer to building a digital arcade — hangout with your friends, meet new people, play games together, learn, and also earn rewards!

Many of you all are already familiar with ZENZO Chan and the main game in the ZENZO Discord, Samurai Keystrike. Samurai Keystrike is a speed-based game where you challenge your opponent to a samurai duel and after 30 seconds a random number will appear. The first person to respond and attack with the right number wins. You can also bet ZNZ and challenge your opponents. Visit the ZENZO Discord and see for yourself…

A new, mysterious robot has appeared… NazoBot The Traveler!

NazoBot The Traveler is a Discord-based bot powered by ZENZO. NazoBot’s mission is to provide educational entertainment and help promote blockchain awareness and adoption. He will be accessible to any Discord server and all of the official games released (that are not exclusive) will be 100% FREE to play in any server. There will be special games exclusively in ZENZO’s Discord, along with our partner’s servers. NazoBot utilizes the ZENZO Coin (ZNZ) and will allow for players to compete, bet, and win rewards in ZNZ.

NazoBot’s Core Features & Services

• Educational Entertainment

NazoBot aims to create educational entertainment through the form of games, specifically Discord-based games. Science has proven the potential for games to provide efficient means of learning and enhancing mental abilities, reaction times, and much more. NazoBot will provide games that challenge the mind, test your reaction time, and create healthy competition. One of the primary areas that NazoBot seeks to help educate and bring awareness is to the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

• Discord-Based Games

The home of NazoBot The Traveler is on Discord. Discord is primarily used as a messenger application that is extremely popular in the gaming, blockchain, and cryptocurrency communities. With over 130 million registered users, Discord provides the perfect platform to launch NazoBot. The reason why NazoBot has the tag “The Traveler” is because he intends to travel to as many Discord servers and reach as many people as possible.

• Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Integration

NazoBot utilizes different blockchains and APIs to pull data from the appropriate sources. While utilizing other blockchains and databases, NazoBot is not built and dependent on the ZENZO Blockchain, but will use it as the primary database. In the near future, NazoBot will also be utilizing the newly launched ZENZO Forge. The ZENZO Forge allows for game developers to create blockchain-based transferable assets and in-game items, where the players can have full control and ownership of their assets.

• Custom Game Development

NazoBot also provides the service of custom game development. We are happy to work with other projects to help create unique, custom Discord-based games for their server or any server that NazoBot is in. This is not limited to other blockchain games or blockchain/cryptocurrency projects.

We are excited to launch the first, custom game with our partner, RCTech. The first game is called “Axie Enigma”, based on the blockchain game Axie Infinity. This is a guessing game that will test your knowledge on the axie classes and body parts. You can compete with other players to see who can answer the questions most accurately. Players will be judged according to their accuracy and response time.

Axie Enigma Scoreboard (Results)

Stay tuned for more updates from NazoBot and the official release of Axie Enigma! Also, RCTech will be hosting tournaments for players to compete and earn rewards and much more… and of course ZENZO will also be sponsoring.

Be sure to join the official ZENZO Discord and follow NazoBot on Twitter.

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